The Beginning of my Belly Dance Journey

It all started in the fall of 2007 as I was attending UNLV pursuing a Management Degree. Since childhood I always enjoyed dancing. I knew it was going to be 4 long years so choosing Dance as my Minor would lighten up my college ride.  Prior to making the choice of having a Dance Minor I didn’t really know what Belly Dance was all about. I remember going to the library and checking out belly dance dvd’s which was the closest I could get to Belly Dance. I was excited to take Belly Dance as one of my Electives.

Beauty in Belly Dance Classes

Rossah Bendahman; was my Belly Dance instructor, the woman who introduced me to this beautiful art form. Every time I was in Rossah’s class I was transported to a blissful world. There was this amazing pleasure I experienced every time I Belly Danced.  I loved every minute of  Rossah’s class, from belly Dance theory to learning choreography to performing for our class; my soul felt at home. The fellowship in her class was sincere and having the opportunity to learn Belly Dance with other amazing women made it an empowering experience. All the giggles and good times will always be permeated in my mind. Belly Dance had a special way to uplift me. My love for this class led me to take 2 consecutive Belly Dance Semesters.

UNLV Dance Department

Since I was  enrolled in the Dance Department I had the chance to take other Electives such as Ballroom, Jazz, modern dance and Flamenco but I was fascinated with Belly Dance.  Throughout my time enrolled in the Dance Department I learned a  lot about different rhythms. I was more fond of my dance classes than my business classes. So I was saddened when I heard the news “Due to budget cuts the Dance Department have made the decision to take out Belly Dance and other Dance forms as Electives.” Distressed and confused I decided to quit my minor and solely focus on my Management Degree. Why did I do that? That’s the question I ask myself. Maybe it was because Belly Dance was it. Perhaps it was destiny.

(During one semester our final exam was to learn and perform 2 choreography pieces .

Here are some action shots from my Belly Dance performance!)

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Gabriela Katschka-Las Vegas Belly Dancer

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(To find  more about Rossah Bendahman visit her page Rossah-The-Hand-of-Fatima-Dancers-)

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