Bachelorette Party

Booking your Bachelorette Party
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Book Your Belly Dance Party

Las Vegas is the Capital of the world of Weddings. We are a city that has it all. When it comes to celebrating your bachelorette night you have a lot options but none of those will give you the ultimate experience of BellyGoddess. Below are […]

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Middle Eastern Dance Props

Middle Eastern Dance Props
As a Belly dancer any performance can be enhanced with a prop. There are many to choose from and each prop requires a certain technique and musicality. Just to mention a few there is the Veils, Zills(Finger Zimbals), Canes,  Seneeya(Trays), and Shamadan(Candelabra). Now in the American Belly Dance new props have been […]

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In love with my Belly

In love with my Belly

Nurturing Life:
What an honor to know life can develop inside of me. Pregnancy is the miracle of life. From the moment pregnancy begins to starting to feel my baby kick I am reminded I am alive. I have a heart full of gratitude to have been chosen as mother to bring life through […]

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Belly Goddess Favorite Links

Belly Goddess Favorite Links

Belly Dance is a world full of never ending treasures. There are a ton of resources on the web pertaining to Belly Dance. Everything can seem overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start don’t worry. Today I will share with you my favorite links on music, shopping and information on the web.
https://www.hollywoodmusiccenter.com  […]

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