What is a Hafla?

Let’s start by taking a look at the definition

“Hafla” pronounced from the Arabic “Khafla” (soft “a” in the word) is a “get-together,” party,ceremony for a family gathering,clan,religious ceremony which may have an intimate number of friends or many people invited. For instance an Arab Muslim man can do the Commandment of circumcision for his son in a small group, or honour it with a “hafla” (Khaflah). (Urban Dictionary)

In the Belly Dance World Haflas are get together where the Belly Dance Community come as one. Is a celebration to keep the community Active and showing your support. In Haflas you can find Belly Dance Performances from Local belly dancers, contests,raffles, or Auctions. If you are starting as a Belly Dancer is a great place to network. Find out about your Local Belly Dance Community.

Hafla, Belly Dance Las Vegas, Gabriela Katschka

Hafla aside from Entertainment

The MC will give you updates on your Belly Dance Community such as  Belly dance Classes, Workshops, or performances. If you want to get involved with Belly Dance and don’t know where to start? Make it a point to attend a Hafla you will have a great time.

I live in Las Vegas my Belly Dance Community is very Active. Join Hallowiggles our upcoming Hafla Oct 22nd at 7pm held in the Rock Center. I will be performing hope to see you there. Whichever Town you are in I bet  through Facebook you will be able to find a Belly Dance group from your Community. I hope you have found this helpful.


Here is a link to our Belly Dance Community group





Great Hafla Music!