How Prepare for an amazing Belly Dance Performance

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Aside from spending endless hours rehearsing your Belly Dance piece. I have some tips to help you ease up the process. When it comes to Belly Dancing there is more involved than imagined. Is not just about putting a pretty costume and dancing.

Arrive to the Venue Location early

Prior to the day of your performance find out where the exact location is going to be. Through google or any search engines check the distance from your home to the venue location. Account the drive time and always expect some traffic. Whatever the call time was try to make it half an hour early. It just puts you ahead of the game. Besides is better to have more time to spare as you will feel more calm and collected.

Have your music in different formats

You will most likely use the venue’s sound system to play your music. Have your music piece in your phone. Have a backup on a CD. Also bring a speaker just in case. I always bring my laptop as well where I have saved the track I will be performing.  Before your performance make sure to test your music with the DJ or whoever is in charge of the sound system. A horror story will be for you to be ready to dance and the music doesn’t work.

Pack your costumes and props

I’ve lost many costume pieces as well forgetting my props I will be performing with. After so many headaches I’ve finally figure it out. I’ve created this checklist that helps me to pack everything.  After my performance is done I make sure I’ve picked everything out specially if there were any costume changes or i used different props.  Below is a form I’ve created I just print it out and then fill in the blanks. Customize the list to fit your performance.  You can also just write the items on a piece of paper. Whatever works best for you 🙂

Before Performance After Performance
In my Suitcase Picked up and Packed
Costume #1 yes
Costume #2 yes
Sword yes
Veil yes
Finger Cymbals yes
Back-up Music yes
Make up Bag yes
Business Cards yes


Before Performance After Performance
In my Suitcase Picked up and Packed
Costume #1 yes yes
Costume #2 yes yes
Sword yes yes
Veil yes yes
Finger Cymbals yes yes
Back-up Music yes yes
Make up Bag yes yes
Business Cards yes yes


Don’t forget the Magic items

As a Belly Dancer you should never leave your home without packing safety pins, bobby pins and hair spray.

Hand out your  Business Cards

Whoever hired you did it for a reason perhaps it was word of mouth or the client just landed on your website and found you. After your performance thank whoever hired you shake his or her hand and hand out a few business cards. If the client allows and you feel is right you can hand out your business cards to the guests. Keep in mind it has to be done in a tactful way. Perhaps some of the guests were taking pictures with you and you had time to bond with them, that’s when I will say is appropriate to hand out your business cards.

That pretty much covers some of my Belly dancer hacks. Cheers to your amazing performance!

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