In love with my Belly


Nurturing Life:

What an honor to know life can develop inside of me. Pregnancy is the miracle of life. From the moment pregnancy begins to starting to feel my baby kick I am reminded I am alive. I have a heart full of gratitude to have been chosen as mother to bring life through me for the second time. I’m in love with my belly and it is eminent why I have always cherished my feminine parts. Through the umbilical cord I am nurturing my baby’s life. It is still surreal. In spite of all aches and pains pregnancy brings; I wouldn’t change this for anything. My breast are also getting ready to provide milk and nourish my baby.

Bringing Life:

I feel extremely lucky to be a woman. I first became a goddess on August 31st 2015. Holding my son for the first time was such a sublime experience. Aside from the long birthing process and all the pain involved; bringing Xavier to life was my best performance. How I can best describe it “Birthing a child was the most liberating experience; I felt I died and came back to life.” I don’t know how the second birthing experience will be. However I am certain I cannot wait until my eyes get lost on Cyrus eyes. He is expected to arrive July 1st   2017.

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Commitment for Life

Being a mom is by far my favorite role. I’ve never felt prouder nor invincible. Becoming a mother has helped me evolved in every level. I am aware my sons will one day grow up and start their own lives. But for now I will live in the moment. I understand my boys will follow their own journeys and shine with their light. But in my eyes, they will always be babies. This eternal bond will be unbreakable. As I dawn upon the future I know I will be there to unconditionally provide love and guidance for my Xavier and Cyrus.

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