The Eternal Mom

Expecting a Child

Motherhood is the most amazing role I am in. Nothing would have been able to prepared me. No one could have taught me what was to come. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant I was thrilled to have a little piece of me. Pregnancy was a moment of deep realization for me. To put it in a better term it was my metamorphosis. The period of the unknowns, the what if’s. Waiting for 9 months seemed never ending.

Bringing your child to life

And what can I say about the birthing process? I can just tell you my proudest moment was becoming a mother and bringing Xavier into this world. In the moment of intense labor feels as If I died and came back to life with my son. Never before I have cried out of happiness until I held my blessing on my chest. Tears of pure joy; abundant feeling of love.  I can honestly agree with every mom that everything a woman goes through during pregnancy and child labor is all worth it.

My son is soon going to be 1 year. Where did time go. To see my son’s growth and development is just magical. Being able to enjoy every day and every little thing he does. I am cherishing raising him in a place of love where mommy and daddy can’t wait to build amazing memories. I look forward to seeing him grow. Xavier has made me a better person and I have become his eternal mom.


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