The Pelvis and Belly Dance

Belly Dance starts in the pelvis in my opinion it is the heart of the dance. In the middle Eastern Cultures mothers will tell their daughters to picture a dot underneath them and concentrate. The pelvis is where most of the most derive from because from there you can do many moves. I will briefly talk about two basic moves the circles and figure 8’s.

The Circles

When learning to Belly Dance instructors will often times tell you to draw a circle with your pelvis. If you are standing it helps to visualize a circle underneath you and then slowly trace it with your pelvis. With your pelvis you can trace small circles, big circles half circles. The speed can also adapt to the melody of the music.

Figure 8

Often call the infinity loop or serpentine. In ancient calligraphy it has been drawn as a snake with its tail in its mouth – a metaphor for the ‘shedding of old skin’ and the cyclical nature of life – also linked to woman’s menstrual cycle and fertility. You can trace the Figure 8 with your hips, chest, arms, head. This is a  classic move that can be so sensual. When tracing a Vertical Figure 8 there’s right and left twist of the pelvis with a half circle motion of the hips.


In the Following link you can find this beautiful performance by Naema Akef an agyptian goddess. See if you can notice the Circles and Figure 8’s. Enjoy!

Thank you for Reading!